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Our main focus is Service & Quality. We make sure your project is completed on time with the best final product as possible.

Graphics Installation

Microsoft and HP Graphics Installation

When you have a graphics project you need to hire the best installers to do the job right the first time. Our professional vinyl graphics installers are extremely experienced with backgrounds in construction and design to solve any issues that will come up during a large graphic install job. We pride ourselves with our service and quality.

Remodeling & Construction

Mod Pizza Remodel and Construction

Our highly trained and experienced in-house remodeling and construction teams work with your company to bring your visions to life. We can give your stores a modern design and layout so your business can have a fresh new look so you can attract more sales. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with 24/7 installation ability and support.

Commercial Installation

Circle K Polar Pop Large Format Printing

Any graphics you can dream of can be installed in your retail store or vehicle to showcase your services and products to attract new business. Our expert installers will make your graphics look exactly how you envisioned them so they will leave a lasting visual impact on your potential customers so your brand becomes unique and memorable.

Siteline Graphics Clients


Our installation crews travel all over the US so we can install your stores accross the country. We have worked all over the nation to install graphics, signage, and complete construction jobs. Wherever you have a project, we will travel and get the job done.


From our project managers to our installers, we all understand the difficult issues that come with a store rollout that has strict deadlines. Our management team are experts at communicating and making sure you have pictures and documentations of all issues along with a solution so we can keep the project moving.


Our installation teams are experienced in working in stores with high traffic conditions. We make sure to have all of our proper on-site safety gear and safety regulations in place so we can work during peak hours without your business losing any sales.


Our number one goal is to make sure your project is completed on time with the highest quality product possible. If any problems arise we will find a solution. Our teams are experienced and dedicated to making sure your project has zero issues and is up to the highest standards.

Koi Fish Shirt Poison Apple

Koi Fish Art

I’ve always loved drawing koi fish because of how they flow. They almost look otherworldly with their colors and shapes which allows me to get expressive with their patterns. I originally intended this drawing for screen printing which is why the artwork has very bold lines and defined separation between the splashing water and the koi fish. Screen printing is basically creating a stencil of an image using photosensitive chemicals on a mesh fabric. When done correctly an image is “burned” into the mesh using UV lights. When ink is pushed through the stencil and the little tiny holes in the mesh it creates a picture on the opposite side.

When you begin to add multiple colors to your project the process becomes exponentially difficult because each color requires its own screen and color separation. The benefits of screen printing is that simple prints are much cheaper to produce because ink and maintenance of the machine is minimal. The prints also have longevity and last as many washes the shirt can handle. The time to produce is also much faster compared to Direct to Garment Printing. After the initial set up which takes a couple hours, each shirt takes only a minute to print compared to the 6-10 minutes it takes for a DTG printer.  The downside is you are very limited by the colors you can use and it is not cost effective to print less then 25 shirts.

Koi Wave Shirt from Poison Apple Shirts

Direct to Garment Printing

When we got our Direct to Garment printer (Omniprint FreeJet330tx Plus) I was very excited because this allowed me to take some of my old artwork and add deeper color to it. The DTG (Direct to Garment) printer works more like a desktop printer and can print full color photographs directly on fabric. This opened up huge doors in what I was able to do with my art. Now I can incorporate full color images and color gradients instead of being forced to very defined colors. In the video you can see exactly how the DTG works. On dark shirts it first prints a layer of white as a base for the second pass of color. Normally when printing on white shirts you don’t have to print a base coat of white which is why the prints cost less.

What I didn’t really factor into the whole process was something called the “Pre-treat” phase. Before shirts can be printed on they need to have a layer of chemical applied to it to give the DTG printer ink a consistent flat surface to adhere to. This step actually costs quite a bit of time and money because it is required if you want to have a clean vibrant print. Think of it like adding primer to a paint job before applying color. It helps the paint stick and show up better. I’ll go through the process more in depth in a future blog. I’m really happy with the quality of the prints and the fact that we can actually print one-offs instead of having to have a 25 shirt minimum with screen printing but there are a few more downsides to DTG.

Most DTG printers require daily maintenance, flushing lines, cleaning heads, etc which adds up to a lot of money at the end of the month to make sure your huge investment doesn’t explode. We purchased the FreeJet330tx Plus because of the minimal maintenance costs and we’re pretty happy with it. The cost of ink is also quite expensive. For screen printing I can buy a gallon of white ink for about $50-$70 while a gallons worth of cartridge of white from Epson would cost me $900. I know the conversion is screwy somewhere there but you get the point, ink is crazy expensive. Our DTG printer actually uses a bulk ink system where you fill bottles instead of the cartridge system so it saves us some money.

The biggest factor for me right now is time. Each DTG print requires a pretreat which takes about 2 minute including heat pressing, set up and print on the machine which takes between 4-5 minutes, and then another heat press curing which takes 3 minutes. Overall you’re looking at almost 10 minutes a shirt compared to 1-2 minutes for screen printing. It can really add up fast.

Overall I still think it’s a great system and we’re working on trying to improve our assembly line to make DTG more cost effective. I’m excited to try new designs and incorporate some cool pictures into my shirts!

Koi Wave Shirt Printed

Till next time!

I’ve been dying to get some new artwork on my car for quite a while now but just haven’t had the time to work on it. I wanted to start off with something easy and inexpensive like a hood wrap so I began laying out my design on Illustrator.

Once I was happy with the design I printed it out on our HP Latex 560, laminated the design on our Kala Mistral, and cut out the tentacle pieces I needed on our Graphtec cutter.

Scion XB Cthulhu Wrap Part 1

The most difficult part was trying to clean up the old wrap I had without destroying my car. This was the biggest task that I had to deal with since I’ve had stickers on my car for over a decade and the adhesive just melded with my car.

Custom Art Hood Wrap

Custom Printed Hood Wrap

Once i had the hood to my liking I laid out the design and began wrapping it. I was really happy with the outcome and I get a lot of people looking at me weird which I’ve grown to enjoy.

Scion XB Car Wrap

When designing it I took a lot inspiration from H.R. Giger and mixed it in with some of my own illustration style. For some reason I’ve been really into tentacles lately so I’ve been drawing a lot of them. The Eye in the center is a drawing I did a long time ago for PoisonApple.com that worked its way into some other patterns I was sketching. I felt like the hood needed a centerpiece to tie it in together. I also thought it would be cool to have some tentacles look like they creeping out under the lights. Maybe it was a little too Stranger Things-y but I like it 🙂 Ohh, and it kind of reminded me of Hermaeus Mora from the Skyrim quest that I had just completed.

You’ll be able to see another weird drawing of a Dungeons and Dragons Beholder I turned into a shirt in a later blog.

Thanks for reading! If you’re looking to get a hood wrap like this please call us and we can get you a quote!

There are so many options when it comes to Large Format Printers that we decided to get some professional help from some of friends in the print business. We talked to the print gurus at Vomela West and they suggested with our budget and business size that we get the HP Latex 560.

We also talked to Marty, the owner of High Res Imaging, and he said we should use a company called Denco Sales to purchase the equipment. We set an appointment with them and we were off!

denco sales brett hp latex 560 printerAlex and I getting a demo of the HP Latex 560 in action

There were also a few things we picked up like the Graphtec FC8600 which is a vinyl rollfeed cutter and a Kala laminator for giving our vinyl some added protection for exterior applications.

kala 1650 mistralKala Mistral 1650-65 Laminator

We are very excited to get the shop up and running!

alex buying the print equipmentAlex signing over a bunch of money to get our business started!

Alex wanted me, his not-so-handy graphic designer, to experience what goes on during his retail installs so he had me tag along with him to run some jobs for Circle K installing lighted signs around Southern California.

Circle K Lighted Frames Retail Installation

Right off the bat at our first store I got to see what separates Alex’s installation quality from other people in his field. Normally, it would be a simple job of just centering, leveling, and screwing in some signage but some of the Circle K’s did not have an outlet to power the lights in the signs. Most people would call it in and either say it can’t be done but Alex went to the hardware store, bought the parts, and installed brand new outlets to make the installation work. I was quite impressed.

Circle K Lighted Frames Retail Installation

This is the kind of service you will expect to get when you hire Siteline Graphics for your retail installs. There’s always going to be problems with a job so it’s important to have someone that can solve the issues. So, if you’ve got a project that needs to get done right the first time, you can trust our retail installation team to make it work.

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